Pierre Loti pays fitting tribute to the world traveler, novelist and romantic who serves at its inspiration. Born in Rochefort in Western France in the mid-19th century, Louis Marie-Julien Viaud felt the urge to see the world and joined the French Navy at the tender age of 17 to do so. It was during these travels that he spent time in Istanbul and adopted the pseudonym “Pierre Loti” to pen the first of many novels set in the country.

Aziyade, a stormy and romantic tale that chronicles both his illicit affair with a young harem girl and his burgeoning love of the Turkish and Ottoman cultures would make him a swashbuckling literary star in his own time. Growing up in a neighborhood called Pierre Loti in the heart of Istanbul century later, Orhan Cakir loved to read of the romantic travels of Pierre Loti and through his books came to appreciate both his own culture and that of the adventuresome Frenchman who is so beloved by Turkey that a district filled with cafes Loti frequented and incorporated into his stories is also named after him.

Whether you are searching for someplace to get a little sustenance for your own explorations of where the night will lead or you are hoping to regale others with your stories of worldly adventures over a glass of wine and a bite (even those adventures that happen day to day here in New York) as M. Loti was known to do, Pierre Loti provides the ideal backdrop to do so.